11.12.09 Whatever!

The studio was full today during our show on... who even knows!? Whatever!

Youth producers Caianne, Amanda, Mia, Jade, Jack, along with youth producers in the DROP Media Lab had a really good show on a variety of topics:
- Lauren and Andrea did a piece on the Big Foot;
- We played a piece by Johanna Greenberg from Blunt Youth Radio Project called "Let's Talk about Sex";
- DROP Media Lab had a radio roundtable on their favorite videogames. Mia and Jade also shared their favorite video games with our listeners;
- We played a piece by Aoife Baker from Blunt Youth Radio called "The Graceful Art of Breaking Up";
- And we had an in-studio discussion on the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy"

Great show everyone!

If you want to learn more about the Blunt Youth Radio Project, go to http://www.bluntradio.org/

11.05.09 Dreams

This week youth producers Amanda, Jade (our newest addition!), Becky and Juliana floated off to a world where anything is possible: our dreams! Thanks to the production at the DROP Media Lab, this week's show covered:
- The scientific explanation for dreams
- The Pie Monster story
- A reading of the story of Freddy Kruger
- An explanation of whether humans only dream in black and white or in color
- An explanation of whether animals dream or not
- A tutorial on dream interpretation
- A radio roundtable produced at DROP Media Lab on the question of whether dreams have a meaning
- An in-studio discussion on what were our childhood recurring dreams

Sleep well radio listeners!

10.30.09 Halloween!

Youth producers Becky, Amanda, Caianne and Juliana held it together as a ghost haunted the studio and prevented DJ Amanda from playing any music or any of the materials produced at the Drop Media Lab. It's ok though, because these lovely women also have lovely voices and talked about things like:
- What costumes could you wear for Halloween?
- What is the meaning of Halloween?
- What are some of your favorite Halloween candies?
- What does Halloween look like in other countries?
- The Boogieman
And more!