10.22.09 - Monsters

Youth producers at the Children's Media Project and our DJ Amanda had a great show about Monsters! The scary themes just keep on coming!

Here are some of the things we talked about:
- Why are people so crazy about monster movies? Here is what the folks at the DROP Media Lab have to say. (Radio Round Table on why people like monster movies)
- Amanda defined Bogeyman
- Amanda and Juliana had a conversation about what defines a monster
- Amanda red a poem by Shel Silverstein called Skin Stealer from A Light In the Attic.
- Juliana talked about stories and songs for children about monsters

Careful with those monsters lurking under your bed!

09.24.09 Women

Hello radio listeners and blog readers! It has been a while since we last updated the blog... We are playing catch-up with our blog posts.

Radio Uprising is a youth-produced radio show on Independent Radio 91.3fm WVKR Poughkeepsie. Please tune into our show on Thursdays from 4 to 5pm. You may also listen online at http://www.wvkr.org/

This week youth producers Caianne and Amanda talked about women and feminism.
- Caianne talked about Images of Women in the Media
- Becky listed her top 5 kick butt women
- Mary Ellen talked about fictional kick butt women
- Amanda read Emily's piece about Blues Women Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith
- Juliana talked about women involved in peace movements
- Amanda interviewed her friend on friendships with other women
- Becky talked about women and gossip

Power to all these amazing women DJs and producers!

10.15.09 Make Believe

For just a second, imagine that Amanda, Caianne, Juliana and Becky had a great show on make believe. Oh! You don't need to, because they did! With the help of Drop Media Lab, this week's show demonstrated an abundance of creativity and make believe.

- Amanda talked about growing older but still participating in Halloween
- Louise talked about acting
- Amanda talked about the Snuffleupagus and his appearance on the Sesame Street
- DROP Media Lab's radio round table on how we use imagination as we get older
- Caianne talked about guitar hero
- Juliana spoke about costumed holidays around the world
- Maria interviewed two women film-makers in DROP Media Lab, Jamie and Lena, about their films on imaginary friends

10.01.09 Banned Books

In honor of Banned Books week, the theme for this week's show was (you guessed it!) Banned Books! The American Library Association explains: "Banned Books Week 2009 is the twenty-eighth annual celebration of the freedom to read. This freedom, not only to choose what we read, but also to select from a full array of possibilities, is firmly rooted in the First Amendment to the US Constitution, which guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of press. Although we enjoy an increasing quantity and availability of information and reading material, we must remain vigilant to ensure that access to this material is preserved."

Here are some things Caianne, Amanda, Becky and Juliana talked about:
- Amanda: Stephen King article from her 10th grade history book
- Juliana: Howard Zinn's book
- Banned Books roundtable made by DROP Media Lab producers on whether it is ok for books to be banned, and if so, when
- Caianne: Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie
- Becky article on controversies of Banned books week

10.8.09 Fear

Today Caianne, Becky, and Zach discussed FEAR (scary right?)!

- Tim red a scary story called "The Big Toe"
- Radio Round Table by DROP Media Lab producers on silliest childhood fears
- Becky and Zach talked about phobias
- Amina's scary story
- Zach red a story by Alvin Schwartz
- Nick interviewed fellow DROP Media Lab producers on What is your favorite scary movie and why?
- In studio discussion about why people like being scared?

Hope you can sleep tonight!