10.01.09 Banned Books

In honor of Banned Books week, the theme for this week's show was (you guessed it!) Banned Books! The American Library Association explains: "Banned Books Week 2009 is the twenty-eighth annual celebration of the freedom to read. This freedom, not only to choose what we read, but also to select from a full array of possibilities, is firmly rooted in the First Amendment to the US Constitution, which guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of press. Although we enjoy an increasing quantity and availability of information and reading material, we must remain vigilant to ensure that access to this material is preserved."

Here are some things Caianne, Amanda, Becky and Juliana talked about:
- Amanda: Stephen King article from her 10th grade history book
- Juliana: Howard Zinn's book
- Banned Books roundtable made by DROP Media Lab producers on whether it is ok for books to be banned, and if so, when
- Caianne: Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie
- Becky article on controversies of Banned books week

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