7.23.09 Marriage Equality

This week's show featured:
- The Mia Report: Definitions of marriage
- Caianne deconstructs the wedding industry
- A Vox Pop from the streets of Poughkeepsie: Do you believe in same-sex marriage?
- Pat and Pete: Two Views on Religion and Homosexuality

7.16.09 Race, Culture and Identity

This week's show featured:
- "What is Race?" by Amanda
- a Radio Roundtable on race, culture, and ethnicity in American society and American media
- an in-studio discussion on "What is our identity?"
- "How Religion Affects Identity" by Caianne and Raeva

7.9.09 Right vs. Wrong

This week's show featured:
- a Radio Roundtable about the difference between right and wrong
-"Gray Areas" by Louise
- an in-studio discussion on Gut reactions

7.2.09 TV, Movies and Youth Restriction

Join youth producers Caianne, Mia, Raeva and Lena as we examine the reasoning and the politics behind the Parental Advisory labels found on most media. Featuring:
  • A Vox-Pop produced by Amanda on favorite movies and characters - and what shows you wouldn't want your kids to watch;

  • PSA and Vox Pop "What television shows offend you?" by Radio Rootz and students from Cesar Chavez High School in Washington D.C. (www.peoplesproductionouse.org);
  • Live, in-studio discussion about what ratings are meant to protect youth from - and what youth are actually offended by;
  • Critique of the MPAA and the latent bias in their ratings system by Caianne;

  • "Disney and People of Color" by Raeva

6.25.09 Music Videos and Culture

Youth producers Amanda, Caianne and Mia explore music videos and the impact they have on culture world-wide. Radio Uprising is proud to present:
  • "Videos Around the World" in which Amanda compares and contrasts music videos from America, Russia, and Japan;

  • "How Music Videos Portray Breakups," in which Mia investigates how mainstream music videos portray issues of materialism, drug use and neglect in relationships and breakups;
  • "Selling Out," in which Caianne and Amanda discuss what people mean when they use the term "sellout"
  • 6.18.09 Commercials and Comercialization

    Join Radio Uprisings youth producers Amanda, Caianne, Mia and Raeva as they tackle the topic of Commercials and Commercialization. Featuring:
    • a "witness" deconstruction of several advertisements from mainstream media - and the sneaky tactics employed to get you to buy things;
    • "Why Do People Buy Things?" a piece in which Radio Uprising youth discuss how commercials try to appeal to their materialistic sides;
    • "A Sign of the Times," audio from a documentary by youth filmmaker Daisy Khamphakdy courtesy of Bay Area Video Coalition (www.bavc.org), with audio commentary by Caianne;
    • Weekly editorial by youth correspondent Raeva Kumar