7.2.09 TV, Movies and Youth Restriction

Join youth producers Caianne, Mia, Raeva and Lena as we examine the reasoning and the politics behind the Parental Advisory labels found on most media. Featuring:
  • A Vox-Pop produced by Amanda on favorite movies and characters - and what shows you wouldn't want your kids to watch;

  • PSA and Vox Pop "What television shows offend you?" by Radio Rootz and students from Cesar Chavez High School in Washington D.C. (www.peoplesproductionouse.org);
  • Live, in-studio discussion about what ratings are meant to protect youth from - and what youth are actually offended by;
  • Critique of the MPAA and the latent bias in their ratings system by Caianne;

  • "Disney and People of Color" by Raeva

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