6.4.09 A Fresh Start

Join youth producers Amanda, Raeva, Mia and Caianne for a multi-dimensional contemplation on what it means to get "a fresh start." Featuring:
  • personal essays by Amanda
  • social critique by Caianne
  • lyrical essay by Raeva
  • live radio roundtable discussions on:
    • the ethics of memory erasure in Dollhouse
    • discussion on the nature of souls
    • procrastination - plus tips on how to get down to work painlessly!
**Recommended musical accompaniment:
"Get by" by Talib Kweli
"Start today" by Gorilla Biscuits
"Don't let's start" by They Might Be Giants




**Since we only publish original or explicitly permissioned material on this blog, we provide here a list of recommended songs that address our themes and makes us want to dance.

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