6.17.10 Shakespeare in Popular Culture p. 1

Today's show began our two-part series on Shakespeare in Popular Culture! We kicked things off by reading an unabridged list of Shakespeare's works in chronological order.

In-Studio Roundtable: Which of Shakespeare's works have you read in school? How was it taught to you, how did you like it, and how do you think your class overall received it?
Answers by Nory and Amanda

PSA 1: Vassar Powerhouse Theatre Apprentice's Program

In-Studio Piece: "Sassy Gay Shakespeare" Deconstructed
A recent series of YouTube videos, entitled "Sassy Gay Friend," re-imagine Shakespearean scenes to answer the question: "What if Juliet/Desdemona/Ophelia had sassy gay friends?" Each video features an exuberant (and, we are to assume, gay) young man entering Shakespeare's scenes just prior to each woman's death, dispensing cheerful and helpful (if somewhat flippant) advice, and convincing the young woman to change her outcome.

Youth deconstructed the piece and debated how these videos expand our understanding of the fate of young women in Shakespearean works, as well as debated whether the videos' portrayal of homosexuality ultimately perpetuates or subverts stereotypes about gay people.

PSA 2: Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival

"My Time Outside the Womb" by Titus Andronicus

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