12.15.11 Stereotypes and Coverage of the PHS Stabbing

On 12.15.11, Children's Media Project held an emergency lab session of Radio Uprising so that youth producers could use media and technology to process what had happened and what they were thinking.

Our theme for the day was supposed to be stereotyping, but in light of what had happened in PHS earlier that day, we weaved discussion of what that violent act says about Poughkeepsie, and what it means for Poughkeepsie, into our show.

In the first part of our show, we introduce our themes for the week, and hear a PSA made by the Turn It Up crew from the summer 2011 collaboration between CMP and Mill Street Loft.

Part 2 is a reaction podcast made by youth producer Nick during our emergency lab:
In the third part of our show, we react to Nick's podcast about the stabbing in PHS. We discuss some stereotypes of Poughkeepsie, and how those stereotypes end up reinforcing the problems Poughkeepsie deals with.

In the fourth part of our show, we hear "Stereotyping and the Racist KFC Commercial" by Khary, Kiana, and the Turn It Up crew of the summer 2011 Mill Street Loft / Children's Media Project collaboration. Radio Uprising loves Mill Street Loft -- check them out at www.millstreetloft.org! The in-studio youth DJs also discuss how stereotypes have affected their lives.

In the fifth part of our show, we discuss recent Census statistics about how 1 out of every 2 Americans qualifies as poor and/or low income. We talk about what stereotypes exist about poor people, and how the stereotype keeps people from realizing that so many of us as a nation are poor. We also hear the first part of a project on stereotyping that was recorded at CMP's Media Magic after-school program.

In the final part of our show, we hear the rest of the stereotyping project piece. In this piece, we wrote about our experiences in being stereotyped, mixed up our answers, and randomly drew them out of a hat and read them. Even though the topics made us uncomfortable, we all agreed it was an important experience!


On 12.22.11, Nick recorded some of his fellow PHS students' thinking on what the climate of the high school is like, one week after the stabbing. We're editing that video now -- stay tuned!

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