11.19.09_Food and Tradition

It's that time of the year! In the spirit of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, youth producers Amanda, Jade, Becky and Juliana talked about food and tradition during this week's show.

In between mentioning fun facts about Thanksgiving, here is what they talked about:
- Miguel Macias gave us a taste of Los Angeles and a new food movement in his piece about Kogi, a Korean BBQ Taco Truck that moves around Los Angeles. ("Korean Taco" from Youth Radio)
- Weekday High youth producer Beno Picciano talked about his tricky home-stay experience in Morocco. ("Lunch Time in Ait Iktel" by Weekday High youth producer)
- DROP Media Lab had a radio roundtable on what you like more on Thanksgiving: the food or the people?
- Juliana talked about Feijoada, a typical Brazilian dish that originated during the colonial period in Brazil.
- Jade shared her favorite part of Thanksgiving.
- Pawling youth producers Lauren and Andrea told an interesting story about Grandma's cookies. ("Grandma's Cookies" by Pawling youth producers)
- We finished the show with a discussion about what holiday food you can no longer stand eating.

Thanks everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!

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