It's December already! Goodness. This week our engaged youth producers Amanda, Jade, John (a new member on our show - welcome!), Becky and Juliana had an invigorating show on the theme of power. With the help of DROP Media Lab producers, here are some of the things they talked about:
- In order to understand the cost of the war in Iraq, we played "The Cost of War, in Sound" from Blunt Youth Radio Project.
- On a lighter note, we talked about the power of music. David Barber-Callaghan, a reporter for Blunt Youth Radio Project, talked about how he misses bluegrass jams in his piece "Ricky, the Banjo and Music."
- Then Jade talked about her passion: skateboarding. Talk about power!
- DROP Media Lab producers had a very interesting radio roundtable on two issues: the war in Iraq as well as what super power we would like to have.
- Then Juliana talked about the power of youth taking a hold of media.
- We finished off with an in-studio discussion about how we felt about the Obama administration and the continuing war in Afghanistan. We also talked about what we would like to be when we grow up.

Thanks for tuning in!

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