12.10.09: Whatever!

That's right! Youth producers Caianne, Amanda, Mia, Jade and John did another show on whatever they wanted! Here are some of the things they talked about in this completely unpredictable show:
- Emily Lafond talked about her poor performance on the swim team in a piece called "We are Lane One" from Blunt Youth Radio
- Our weekly co-DJs interviewed each other about why they like being on the radio
- Lena read a poem about magic produced at DROP Media Lab
- Caianne talked about how she would take over the world
- During a workshop with the Children's Media Project and Pawling Public Radio, youth producers discussed why siblings are always fighting for a radio roundtable.
- Then we listened to some parenting tips from Lauren and Andra
- We finished off with a lively discussion on what inanimate object we would be, as well as what imaginary creature we would like to be real.

Hope you listen to us next time!

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