11.3.11. Texting

This show was all about texting! We started off the show with Remy's opinion piece about texting in class, listen to it here:

We then heard a radio round table from the Poughkeepsie Day School Radio and Podcasting class that discussed texting. (Listen!!)

Our awesome in-studio DJs then discussed the following questions:
Could you live without texting?
Is it ever appropriate to text in class? For example, what if there was an emergency and your mom really needed to tell you something quickly, is it ok to text in class in this situation?

Our DJs believed that while texting was convenient, they do not need it in their lives! We also discussed texting in a more serious manner; we talked about texting and driving. Did you know that in 29 states there are laws that ban texting while driving for everyone. In 7 states, there are laws that ban texting behind the wheel for new drivers. That leaves 14 states that don’t have any laws about texting while driving!
We asked: 
Do you think that there should be a national law banning the act? 
What are your thoughts about texting while driving, in general?

Our DJs were definitely worried about texting while driving, and believed there should be a nationwide law against it.

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